Example Error 451 page

HTTP/1.1 451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons Content-Type: text/htmlError 451: Unavailable For Legal Reasons

Error 451: Unavailable For Legal Reasons

Access to this domain has been restricted in the United Kingdom at [ISP name] following an injunction. You can read the Judgment [Name of Court Case (citation)] and the Court Order asking us to block [Blocked Website]/[Case number].

This injunction was imposed under Section 97A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. The Court Order was issued on [Date of Court Order] and is valid until [Court Order Expiration Date].

The Court Order was obtained by [Organisation Name]. In case of error, such as a domain mistakenly identified that should not be blocked under this Order, you may contact them directly via [website contact page]. Errors cannot be corrected by [name of the ISP].

If you believe this that this web domain has been incorrectly blocked, and wish to challenge the order itself, you can contact [the appropriate legal authority] at [the appropriate legal authority] or [the address of the appropriate legal authority]. 

You have the right to apply to the High Court to vary or discharge the Orders if you are affected by the blocks which have been imposed. Any application must be made to the High Court directly and must

  1. clearly indicate your identity and status as an applicant;
  2. be supported by evidence setting out and justifying the grounds of the application; and
  3. be notified to all parties 10 days in advance.